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Property Listing - Offices

  address tenure size (sq ft) location
314 Regenta Park Road, N3 2JX To Let 640 Finchley Central N3 2JX
2A Bedford Road, East Finchley N2 9DA To Let 745 East Finchley N2 9DA
Winston House, 2 Dollis Park, N3 1HF To Let 900 Finchley Central N3 1HF
Premier House, 309 Ballards Lane N12 8LY To Let 905 North Finchley N12 8LY
397-399 Hendon Way, NW4 3LH To Let 1,045 Hendon, NW4 3LH
Sutherland House, 70-78 The Broadway NW9 7BT To Let 1,280 West Hendon NW9 7BT
Foframe House, 35-37 Brent Street, NW4 2EF To Let 1,285 Hendon NW4 2EF
10 Breasy Place, Burroughs Gardens, NW4 4AU To Let 1,330 Hendon, NW4 4AU
Balfour House, 741 High Road, N12 0BP To Let 1,500 North Finchley, N12 0BP
Unit 3 Granard Busi Centre, NW7 2DQ To Let 1,525 Mill Hill, NW7 2DQ
314 Regents Park Road, N3 2JY To Let 1,615 Finchley Central N3 2JY
Chancellors House, 3 Brampton Lane, NW4 4AB To Let 1,860 Hendon, NW4 4AB
Unit 2 Granard Bus Centre, Bunns Lane NW7 2DQ To Let 1,945 Mill Hill, NW7 2DQ
Balfour House, 741 High Road, N12 0BP To Let 2,101 North Finchley, N12 0BP
Commerce House, 2A Lichfield Grove N3 2JP To Let 2,513 Finchley Central N3 2JP
Lodge Road, Hendon NW4 4DD To Let 2,604 Hendon, NW4 4DD
Unit 2 & 3 Granard Bus Centre, Bunns Lane NW7 To Let 3,470 Mill Hill, NW7 2DQ
Berkeley House, 304 Regents Park Road, N3 2JY To Let 4,276 Finchley Cenral N3 2JY
Hawthorn Bus Park, 165 Granville Road NW2 2AZ To Let or For Sale 4,455 Golders Green NW2 2AZ
Liberty Square, 1230-1232 High Road, N20 0LH For Sale 4,702 Whetstone N20 0LH
Northway House, 1379 High Road, N20 9LP For Sale 5,471 Whetstone N20
Liberty Square, 1230 - 1232 High Road N20 0LH For Sale 9,540 Whetstone, N20 OLH